Aeronautical Engineering Gurgaon – Helping enthusiasts to soar high up in their career

You can excel in any field if you have that enthusiasm to strive for it continuously and untiringly. However, in spite of that, you need to admit that certain disciplines have better prospects than other. Moreover, once you can seek admission in one such course and work hard with devotion, no one will be able to hold you back. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is one such course, which ensures a bright future. However, you will have to take on heavy duty and responsibility for that. Therefore, if you are ready for some action, then Aeronautical Engineering Gurgaon is your desired destination.

Aeronautical Engineering Gurgaon

The course of the flight

Aeronautical Engineering is a specialized branch of engineering concerned with the study about spacecraft and aircraft. The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering is actually another version of that very study, where you try to understand the airy-crafts, their structure, and functions. But the main aim behind all that is to know how to maintain these airplanes, so that they can fly safely along with the crew and passengers.

Just as a pilot is essential for a plane, in the same manner, aircraft maintenance engineers also form an inseparable part. In order to take off, every pilot needs a thumbs-up from the AME. Thus, you can understand that actually, all the lives undertaking a flight is at the mercy of the AME-s. And so there is no scope for error because the cost will be too costly to bear.

Delving deeper

The candidates interested to pursue Aircraft Maintenance Engineering, are given to choose from two streams- Avionics and Mechanical, where former deals with system and functional aspects and the latter deals with structural aspect. The candidates receive training in any one of the streams, which ultimately transforms them into experts to examine the crafts. After completion of training, they receive either license or receive certificates acknowledged by the Indian government and are placed in their respective fields.

Now, you more or less, have an idea about the course but more important than the idea is the process for executing the idea. So, if you want to seek admission in Aeronautical Engineering Gurgaon college, scroll down.

Admission attention!

DGCA, a body under Indian government, has prescribed and laid down the procedure and process of admission into this field. They are the one who tests the candidates and issue the certificates and license and so, they get to decide, how to grant admission to the promising candidates. The requirements are as follows:

  • The candidates should pass class 12 exams from any recognized university.
  • In class 12, candidate should have the combination of physics, mathematics, and chemistry.
  • The candidates need to be physically fit.
  • The candidates need to apply online by filling form of that particular institution.
  • The candidates should bring necessary and valid documents (birth certificate or class 10 admit card, 10+2 mark sheet, character and migration certificate, Admission fees and photographs)

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